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Aaron Lang Law OfficeAaron Lang Law Office
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“ Misdemeanors, Notary Public Services ”

We are experienced in Personal Injury Law, Criminal Law, Slip and Fall and other related legal areas of the Ontario Canada legal court system. We service North York and surrounding Greater Toronto - Ontaio areas. ... learn more about us

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Aaron Lang Law Office

Speak To Us! Free Initial Consultation. 31 years experience

Aaron Lang Law Office

718 Wilson Avenue, suite 203
North York  M3K 1E2
Ontario Canada


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Misdemeanors, Notary Public Services

Lawyers In North York


Aaron Lang Law Office Practice Law Areas

Personal Injury Law

Criminal Law

Slip and Fall

Professional Liability

Insurance Law

Business Law

Please contact Aaron Lang Law Office at 416-398-1462 to learn more about areas of services offered!

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