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Criminal Law Frequently Asked Questions?


1. What do I do if the Police contact me?

Immediately call a Lawyer. Most times when the Police contact you, they will just ask you to come into the Police Station to just answer a few questions.


2. Should I give a statement to the Police?

No. You should never give a statement to the Police, regardless of your guilt or innocence. A statement can never help your case, no matter what the Police indicate.


3. A friend or family member has just been arrested. What should I do?

Call a Lawyer. If an arrest has been made, time is of the essence. The most important issue at this time is to prevent the Police from questioning the person arrested and making arrangements to attend Court for their Bail Hearing.


4. The Police are knocking at my door. What should I do?

Unless they have a warrant or there are special exigent circumstances, you are not legally required to let them in. You do not legally have to answer the door.


5. I have just been arrested. What should I do?

Be calm and respectful towards the Police, exercise your rights in calling a Lawyer, and indicate to them that you are not prepared to answer any questions or to provide a statement.

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